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2009 Redskins Defense: A Fantasy Sleeper Waiting to Happen

It's hard to explain to most people what a complete disappointment the Redskins defense has been in fantasy football over the years. No doubt any seasoned vet to fantasy has probably been duped (I know I have) into believing the hype of this organizations high profile moves in years past. Washington's defense is no doubt suffering from a case of, "the little boy that cried wolf syndrome" as they have become ...

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Detroit Lions’ Kevin Smith has the Heart of a Warrior

In the second half of the year it seemed we could all count on two things out of Detroit and that was the Loins would lose and Kevin Smith would be mad about it. While it was almost comical the way Smith would talk about how ticked he was that his team kept losing games, no one can deny this guy had a fire inside him to win. Just recently I read a quick article on Kevin and was very impressed by what Lions ...

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PPR, IDP: Impact Rookies Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Leagues

Click Here For Our Current Cheat Sheets 2009 Impact Rookies Cheat Sheet for PPR, IDP Fantasy Football Leagues Fantasy Football Information on our 2009 Impact Rookies While I do have at least one player for tight end, quarterback and wide receiver on this list, it is usually running backs and starting rookie line backers (for IDP leagues) that make an instant impact in their rookie season. For those article ...

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Football Information: Will Matthew Stafford Start Week One for the Lions?

It is understandable for some Lions fans to want No. 1 overall pick in quarterback Matthew Stafford to start right away for the team. No doubt you have many people in the media retreading the same old story that he should start week one because he makes so much money. When you consider the success that Matt Ryan had while starting from the get go in Atlanta with the Falcons, it makes some even more anxious ...

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Fantasy Football Information: 2009 NFL Bye Weeks

Fantasy Football Information 2009 NFL Bye Weeks Fantasy Football Information: Strategy for Bye Weeks If you've played fantasy football for a few years, by now you've probably experienced the embarrassing moment at your fantasy football draft when you look down at the end of the draft and find out your backup is on the same bye week as your stud player. What good does it do you to have a backup that you only ...

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Fantasy Information: Randy Moss Is Still the Best Receiver in Football

If you don't know this man by now you've probably never watched football in your life, let alone play fantasy football. Randy Moss has been one of the best and most explosive receivers of all time in fantasy and in football it self. Sure Moss has had attitude problems before going to the Patriots and he has also had a few bad years in his career, but he's also been fun to watch. Not many have ever been able ...

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