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Dallas Clark Should Continue Strong Play | NFL Player Rankings

Indianapolis Colts' tight end Dallas Clark has been an NFL fantasy football star for a few years now. This talented first round pick out of Iowa has been one of the staples of Peyton Manning's great offenses for the past 7 years. In the past two seasons Clark has had his greatest production of his career as he had 11 touchdowns in 2007 and had 77 receptions for 848 yards in 2008. As great as those numbers a ...

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Eagles vs Colts: DeSean Jackson is Ready to Fly | Player Rankings

For 2010 NFL Preseason Information Click Here>>>> This is the kind of game you hope to watch every time you sit down to watch a preseason game. The Colts and Eagles were high flying in the passing game as both teams flashed their skills off. Peyton Manning and the Colts look like they are ready to have one of their best offensive seasons even without receiver Marvin Harrison on the team. The Col ...

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Football Information: Dallas Clark to Shine in 2009

Much has changed in the Indianapolis Colts organization this off-season for the team and management. One of the things that has not changed is the Colts still have most of their weapons (excluding Marvin Harrison of course) on offense. Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark have been fixtures in this offense for years and they should be primed for success again with their offensive coordinator and o- ...

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Colts Receiver Anthony Gonzalez is Ready to Start

Much has change in Indianapolis since Anthony Gonzalez was draft in the first round back in 2007 out of Ohio State. The most notable change and important for that matter is that Marvin Harrison is no longer with the Colts organization. While it is kind of sad to know we won't see the Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison connection again on the field, one has to believe the Colts will have success again in 2009 ...

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Fantasy Football Info: Peyton Manning Gets His Coaches Back

The Colts and Peyton Manning got some big news at the end of this week from NFL head quarters, in that they have announced that consultants to a team can do what ever they please on game day. With this information now out in the open and understood (Tom Moore and Howard Mudd have already been signed as consultants by the team) it will give Peyton and the rest of the offense a major boost. With these two coa ...

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Fantasy Football: Fox Sports Cheat Sheet H2H Leagues

Click Here For Our Current Cheat Sheets Fantasy Football Info- 2009 Fox Sports Football Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Information on Fox Sports Standard Football Leagues Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn't find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy football. It ...

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Fantasy Football Third Year Wide Receivers

Click Here For Our Current Cheat Sheets Fantasy Football Information- Third Year Wide Receivers for 2009 Fantasy Football Information on Selected 3rd Year Receivers Lions: Fantasy Football Info for Calvin Johnson Many wide receivers disappointed last year in a down year for passing but Calvin Johnson made fantasy football owners smile all year. If you look at the receiver list for fantasy football this year ...

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