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Story TimeI can remember the day it all started, like I was still there now. It was just before the beginning of my final year in elementary school (I was 11 years old), the year 1991. I was sitting at a burger joint, not far away from my Grandparents house with my Dad when he pulled a neatly folded piece of paper out of his back pocket.

He told me something to the effect that he had joined this “football league” with my Uncles and proceeded to tell me the players they drafted over the weekend. With the fifth pick in the first round, they selected Thurman Thomas of the Buffalo Bills. Other names included Steve Young (fifth-round pick, first year as the 49ers starting quarterback) and Browns wide receiver Webster Slaughter.

While I can’t remember most of the names he read off to me, I found myself instantly fascinated in this new game he stumbled across. It all came about when a friend of my Dad’s at work, wanted him to team up with him the year before. Basically, his friend was just looking for someone to cover any loss money, should he (I mean they) miss the playoffs.

My Dad passed on playing that year, but the next summer an opening in the league was available and he decided it was worth giving a shot.

What started out as some names on a piece of paper, turned into a life-long obsession for that little boy from San Jose, California and most of what you will read in this section are my deranged ramblings, some from fantasy football and others are just free for all ramblings off the top of my head.

One section you will see below is my articles from stories from the Wait Till Next Year League! Those of you that were members of the site last year, will remember this section as The Tales From the WTNY. I will add to this section over time, as well but enjoy the articles that are their in short term.

– Sean Douglas

Twitter – @seanfantasyinfo



Seany’s Random Ramblings


If you actually read the content above you know my father, myself (as a silent partner) and a couple of my uncles joined their first fantasy football league back in 1991. Through the 90s we all played in that league together, until our commissioner went mental and the fun was taken out of the league.

In 2000, my Uncle Dave decided to jump ship from that league and start his own league, and we all moved with him as the Wait Till Next Year Fantasy Football League was born. While I heavily active in the previous league, I wasn’t allowed to have my own fantasy franchise through that time, mostly because I was a minor.

To the best of my knowledge, you really didn’t have internet leagues around like Yahoo, and CBSSportsline until around 1998, and it’s not like I was on the internet (just shows you how far we’ve come in the world of fantasy football and in society since that time, but that’s a conversation for another time, or article) that much back in the 90s anyway.

While I was 20 years old at the start of the 2000 NFL season, I still had to beg my Uncle and Dad that I was reliable enough to pay up for the loss money (of course I knew I wouldn’t have to pay, because I was much more fantasy savvy then than they were, or so I thought), if I should lose.

Anyway, the stories below are from my times since 2000. It’s been a fun ride and probably what I’ve enjoyed most is the relationships I’ve had with other owners from this league. Have some fun at my expense as I share some of my great successes and embarrassing defeats from the Wait Till Next Year League!

P.S. – I have a million stories to share from this league, so I will be adding to the list over time.

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